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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bi-Rite Ice Cream
Living in San Francisco for a year, I just had to make a post of all my favorite foods from there. 
Let's start with dessert! Bi-Rite is a MUST HAVE when you're in SF. Don't get discouraged by the long line, it'll be worth it in the end. Just go with a few friends so you have someone to chat with while anxiously waiting in line. Trust me, their ice cream is amazing! SO soft and creamy! They also have such a great variety of flavors, so you're bound to find something you like. (My favorite is their Salted Caramel!)


The perfect hipster tacos! They're so mouthwatering. One taco actually comes with two tortillas, so what I love to do (something my roommate Macy showed me) is make one taco into TWO. Basically just take one of the tortillas and separate the meat because they actually give you a lot of meat! I also get a side of rice as well as chili con queso. And to top it off, churros with chocolate dip! The perfect way to the end the meal I must say.

The Lab 
(formerly called Chocolate Lab)

I have only tried their dessert here and would actually come here quite a lot when it was formerly called Chocolate Lab. They are now called The Lab and also serve a lot more than just chocolate! You can't go wrong with this delicious place. Every dessert on their menu is delightful!

Straw SF

Just thinking about my meals here makes my heart ache. They were just so good that it's ridiculous! The donut burger is strangely freaking amazing. I didn't expect it to be good whatsoever but you'd be surprised. I've also had the Monte Cristo and their Grilled Cheese! Definitely must try this place at least once! Not someplace I'd eat often, but it's a fun place to go with friends and get some crazy foods in your tummy (and REGRET it soon after haha).


These photos were taken prior to their newly renovated place. I have yet to check out the new Outerlands but I'm sure it looks even more amazing now. The picture above is a PANCAKE, yes this is what they call a pancake. It is a big plate of deliciousness and I have no other words but that. Drown it in some syrup and call that happiness. 

WARNING: I waited almost 3 hours just to get seated. But if you're starving, there is a cute little place a few doors down that serves yummy toast!

Kitchen Story

One word: BACON. Their bacon is just ah-mazing. 
So juicy and full of flavor, I can't even explain how great it is. 

Mission Beach Cafe

Yup, I definitely had a good coma after this.

Squat and Gobble

Who doesn't love waffles?!

*not pictured yet*
Super Duper 
Boba Guys

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