Alyssa x Tobi: Beach

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Alyssa x Tobi
This past week was actually my spring break, so my boyfriend and I decided to take a beach trip and I thought what better outfit to wear than this set from Shop Tobi! Though it might look like one, this isn't actual swimwear, so it would not be recommended to get into the water in this! But that was no problem for me because besides dipping my feet into the water, I normally don't like getting into the ocean anyways. It was just perfect weather to get some sun and tan my legs; which have not seen the light of day for months!

Set: Shop Tobi
Sunglasses: Framed Glasses

Saying that I'm obsessed with this set is an understatement. I can't get enough with how CUUUUTE it is! This is my ideal outfit to wear while strolling around the beach. I'm not always comfortable walking around the beach with only just a bikini on, so with this I get the feel of a bikini top but the matching skirt gives me a lot more coverage. Not only that, but it definitely gives a very cute and feminine look!

For those of you curious about sizing, this I actually got in an x-small. All the rest of the items I received from Shop Tobi were in a size small. For a size reference, I normally get my jeans in a 25 waist and XS ended up fitting me much better than the S. I had to actually exchange this set because I originally received it in a size small, which fit a little bit too big for me on my waist. Luckily, Shop Tobi has the sweetest people and working out an exchange was no problem whatsoever! (Special thank you to Muna!)  

As you can tell, my favorite color is blue. But this set also comes in Peach! So cute!

Also, here are our outfits together! I normally HATE when couples match but today was an exception! I love how well this set compliments his shirt.

 And of course, I have to thank my wonderful boyfriend for this great beach trip. As well as being my personal photographer for the day (and future days haha)! I can be quite annoying when it comes to how much of a perfectionist I am with my photos haha.

Location: El Matador State Beach

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  1. It's a gorgeous set! So lucky u got to collab with them!!!

    1. Thank you, love! You have a great blog by the way! <3