Alyssa x Tobi: One & Only

Monday, April 13, 2015

Alyssa x Shop Tobi

featuring the "One and Only Dress"

I am so excited to announce that I am collaborating with Shop Tobi to bring you guys some super cute spring outfits! Here is the first outfit! Stay tuned for the rest of the outfits I've put together and don't forget to check out Shop Tobi's new arrivals for Spring! (Trust me, you won't regret it.)

Dress: Shop Tobi
Sunglasses: Kaitlyn Clothing
Sandals: Target

This is probably one of my favorite dresses I received! It is incredibly comfy and I love the laid-back feel. It's the perfect dress to just throw on and effortlessly look stylish. I love anything that I can just throw on and make it look like I actually tried! Haha

I got mine in a size small. Just as a reference, I'm a 32 bust. I'm pretty itty-bitty up top so I was worried that I should've gotten an XS instead because I thought that it would be too big for me. But no worries! It fits just perfectly. Also, the trim of the top of the dress has this elastic part that helps the dress stick and stay on to your body. 

I can definitely see myself wearing this dress often. Just the first day wearing it out, I received quite a few compliments on it. A lady even followed me in the parking lot just to ask me where my dress was from! haha. 

I adore this navy blue! (This dress also comes in mint and violet!)

Target sandals are by far my favorite. They are always up to date with styles and the best part is that they're reasonably priced! These gladiators were only $23 and they're available NOW! So go get them while you can. They also come in brown, which I'm very tempted to purchase haha. They're very comfortable and even have cushion on the soles, which I don't seem to find very often in other sandals.

The sandals really bring this entire outfit together. At first, I had trouble figuring out what to pair with this outfit just because the dress is a statement in itself, so I didn't feel the need to over accessorize. The sandals were a way of not having it too plain but just finishing the outfit perfectly.

Want to purchase this dress? Click here!
Check out Shop Tobi!

Just wanted to give a special thank you to Muna from Shop Tobi! She is one of the sweetest girls I've had a chance to work with. I honestly can't thank her enough! :) 

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  1. The dress and shoes are a perfect combination. Really enjoyed this post <3


    1. Thank you so much, Priscilla!! <3 I'm still new to blogging, so I really appreciate your comment :-)