Coachella Inspired

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

My "I wish I was going to Coachella" Outfit

Just because you're not going to Coachella doesn't mean you can't dress like you are, right
Here's my take on a perfect outfit for Coachella: 

Two-piece tie dye set: Kaitlyn Clothing
Necklace: Kaitlyn Clothing
Cardigan: Brandy Melville 
Sunglasses: Framed Glasses
Booties: H&M
Arm Cuff: Forever 21

My new obsession is definitely two-piece sets. This one in particular is from from Kaitlyn Clothing! But if you can't find this set at Kaitlyn, it's from the brand Cotton Candy LA. This set is incredibly lightweight and you just gotta love the tie dye blue on it. And of course, I had to pair it with a fabulous statement necklace and arm cuff. A must have to complete the perfect Coachella outfit. The sunglasses are courtesy of Framed Glasses! They have so many trendy styles that are all under $10.

This outfit is perfect for the hot weather, which I imagine is what the weather would be like during Coachella. (I've never been there, but soo I've heard from all the cool kids that get to go... LOL) So, if you want that extra coverage this type of cardigan would be ideal since it won't be too heavy and will still keep you cool.

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