Current Favorites: May

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I've always loved "favorites" blog posts/videos so this month I figured that I'd do one of my own. This favorites is actually pretty short, but these are just the few items that I've found myself using quite often these past few weeks.

1. Cat-Eye Sunnies | Kaitlyn Clothing
I'm sure you guys recognize these sunnies! I've been featuring them in almost every Instagram post. I have never loved a pair of sunglasses this much before I found these. They're $9.99 at Kaitlyn Clothing stores, but I know a lot of you may not have a Kaitlyn store near you. So, I actually found them at an online store called Sunglass Spot! (You can purchase them here!)They're sooo cute and I would honestly purchase them in every color but that would just make me look crazy. 

2. Backpack | Forever 21
I have a confession to make, I actually purchased this same backpack in their "blush" color as well. Yes, I KNOW I HAVE A PROBLEM. I've been on a hunt for a fashionable backpack and this one was just perfect. I love the simplicity of it and though it looks small, it surprisingly fits a lot! I can fit all my every day essentials plus more if I needed to.

Click above to view it on Forever 21's website!
By the way... SEE?! I obviously had to buy both colors. (LOL)


3. Knee-Slit Jeans | TopShop
I FINALLY got myself some black knee-slit jeans! (Thank you to my boyfriend!) They're super comfy and I love how TopShop has a "petite" size in their jeans for us short girls. These TopShop jeans are just all around amazing and my new favorites, I'm definitely going to need more pairs!

Purchase these jeans here!
(Click here to see how I style them)

4. Wrapped Slippers | Forever 21
These "Grandma" styled looking slippers seem to be in trend as of right now but I can't really find myself pulling them off. This pair from Forever 21 is probably the best way that I can, since they're not "too grandma-ish".. if you know what I'm saying? (Purchase them here!)


5. Makeup Brush | Real Techniques 

This brush is AH-MAZING. Everyone needs this in their makeup collection! I use it to blend in concealer, foundation and even apply powder! It's also SUPER soft. You can purchase it here at Ulta for only $9!

6. Lipliners | NYX & MAC

I absolutely hate the feeling of wearing lipstick or lipgloss! But I always feel like my lips need some kind of color added to them or else they'll just blend in with the color of my face. SO, lipliner has easily become a new favorite of mine because it doesn't feel like I have anything on. It also gives the perfect amount of color and definition to my lips.  (MAC's Whirl and NYX's Mauve shown in photo)

7. Eye Cream | Honey Belle

MUST HAVEEEEE! I used to never use eye cream and now it's become an essential. I love this one because it's handmade and all organic! It also makes my eye area feel super refreshed and keeps my eye makeup looking smooth all day long. You can purchase it here! *Use the code "HBLOVESALYSSA" to get 15% off your order!*

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  1. I love these! That Topshop Jeans is just gorg!

    1. Thanks for the love! <3 And I swear, these Topshop jeans are the BEST! :)