Girly & Grunge

Thursday, July 09, 2015

I'm usually such a girly girl. I've always loved my flow-y dresses and florals. I even remember a year ago, I absolutely hated jeans or any kind of pants for that matter. But lately, I've surprisingly gravitated towards jeans a lot! My style tends to change depending how I feel that day and today I was really into this grunge vibe.

Jeans: TopShop 
Booties: Forever 21

This blue tie-dyed top from Triple Thread Co. is casual and super comfy which gives the perfect laid back feel. I also love the hi-low effect it has. Oh and I'm obsessed with these TopShop Joni jeans, (I'm sure you all know that by now). I wear these waaaaay too often.. but they honestly just pull together any outfit! And of course, my Forever 21 booties! I  actually get quite a lot of compliments on these when I'm out. It's funny because most people are surprised when I tell them I snagged these from Forever 21. (Btw, these are comfier compared to my brown lace-ups!)

Choker: Brandy Melville
Buddha Choker: SevenStarStore
Bangle: Dizzy Cactus

I feel like without the choker necklaces, that "grunge" feel I was going for wouldn't have been accomplished. Layering a couple finished this outfit exactly how I wanted! 

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