White Mesh

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rain, thunder storms, and gloomy skies. Something you wouldn't normally expect from Los Angeles weather. But even without our usual sunshine, it has still been warm enough for me to lounge around by the pool and sport my new one-piece!

  One-piece Swimsuit: BellaBuy
Cat-Eye Sunglasses: Kaitlyn Clothing
High-waisted Shorts: Forever 21

First off, I want to say a huge thank you to BellaBuy for this adorable one-piece! If you guys haven't heard of BellaBuy, it's basically a shopping app that sells all the latest fashion trends. They have a wide selection of clothing, accessories and even cosmetics. And the best part is that everything is super affordable! For example, this one piece is only $15 on the app! How freaking amazing is that? You can download BellaBuy for free straight onto your iPhone or Android (coming soon), so check it out! 

**Feel free to use the code "ALYSSAMAY" to get 15% off your purchase!

Their items do ship from China, but it took less than two weeks to get delivered to me so it was a lot faster than I expected. Tip: when you're shopping on the app, make sure you check the sizing for every clothing item. All items on BellaBuy are from different sellers, therefore sizing will vary.

I'm literally obsessed with this swimsuit. You can either rock this on it's own or if you'd like, you could throw on a pair of high-waisted shorts and wear it out! I paired mine with these white cat-eye sunnies from Kaitlyn Clothing, (you guys have seen these ones a million times.) They're my absolute favorite style right now and the white frame just matched so perfectly with this one-piece. I also scored these distressed high-waisted shorts from Forever 21 for only $12! But just to warn you, they're super short in the back, that even my tiny bum manages to peep through the bottom! So I can only wear these shorts at the beach/pool or with a flannel tied over it.

What I love most about wearing a one-piece is that it is SO comfortable. I didn't even need to worry about sucking in my tummy pudge for photos! How great is that? And the bikini itself just hugs your body really nicely. I'm usually super uncomfortable in my bikinis because my itty bitty chest can never fill in the tops, but with this one-piece, I'm fully covered with no worries in the world. The top also has slight padding to it which is an added bonus! 

The mixture of the white and mesh gives it a lot of edge. I love the contrast of it! But do be aware the mesh can rip if you're not careful... (yes I'm guilty of tearing mine already). Just be gentle when you're putting on and also when you're removing this one-piece! The solid white parts will stretch but the mesh on the other hand will not.

And just for giggles, here's a photo of me literally a minute before I was about to run for my life. I was just minding my own business when a huge flying beetle decided to fly straight at me. Then after I proceeded to run, the damn beetle literally started chasing me around the pool! So that's how my day went :))))

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