Monochromatic Neutrals

Sunday, November 22, 2015

As the seasons are changing, so are people's perspective of the colors that they think we "should be wearing" for this time of year. Most people associate deeper colors with fall and winter. But it's definitely much more fun to mix it up and bring in some other hues to this season. One of my pet peeves is when people take the colors of the seasons way too seriously. I've had someone tell me before that my "nail polish was too summer-y for fall". Like wtf does that even mean? Or "no wearing white after Labor Day." Again, who gives a flying poop? Wear whatever makes you feel fabulous and rock it!

I was really vibe-ing this monochromatic feel when I put together this outfit. I absolutely adore the neutrals. Combining neutrals makes your outfit pop and look quite bright but without loud-in-your-face colors. It's minimal yet classy, and that's something I never thought I'd call my style. Though, in all honesty, this outfit does make me look short af. But hey, all a short girl wants to do is rock some cute outfits that tall girls wear too. Regardless of my height, I love this outfit and I love how I feel in it. And that's what matters!

This dress alone is ah-mazing. The length sits comfortably and the material is super comfy as always, (thank you Brandy Melville for making the softest clothes). You could easily dress this up with heeled booties, a leather jacket, and a few more accessories OR you can dress it down with some minimal jewelry and cute sandals. I seem to have went for more of the middle ground between dressy and casual. I dressed up this outfit by throwing on this light-weight trench coat. These coats have been trending for awhile now, and I just love the look it gives to any outfit. It gives your outfit a very classy and structured look but you can still feel very casual in it. To make this look even more casual, I paired it with my ever so coveted Adidas superstars in all white. As well as a black minimalistic backpack. Again, really feeling that monochromatic vibe with the colors I chose.

Accessories, I kept to a minimum, as I'm going for the minimal feel. The simple silver necklace is from NoWeekends. Their overall products on their site are amazing, but this necklace is just so much more. First off, it's handmade, so that alone is some amazing skill and talent. And of course, I love the simplicity and the fit of it. It lays at the perfect spot, which gives it that choker-style look. Since I went for the silver necklace, I decided it was necessary to go with all silver sunglasses as well. The reflective frame gives it even more oomph to the outfit. And even little things like silver detailing on my backpack is a must!

Trench: Forever 21
Sneakers: Adidas
Backpack: Forever 21
Sunglasses: ZeroUV
Necklace: NoWeekends

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