5 Things I Realized in 2015

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

1. "Adulting" is tough.
This year I turned 20 years old. Officially not a teenager. I was (still am) terrified to be in my twenties. In all honesty, I still feel like I'm sixteen! I remember being ten years old, looking up to my older siblings who were twenty and twenty-one at the time, and seeing how they were such "big responsible adults". I couldn't wait to be an adult! And now that I've reached that age... boy, was I wrong. Making adult decisions isn't easy and the real world is a tough place. Sometimes (a lot of the times) I just want to stay in bed, wrapped in blankets, hiding from the reality of being an adult. But it's all a learning experience and I look forward to everything that I have yet to learn in life!

2. Do what you love.

I can't stress this enough. Do. What. You. Love. This world has so much to consume. And life can easily become so hectic, that you may find yourself unhappy if you don't make time to pursue what you enjoy. So make sure you set aside time every day to do something that makes you happy. For me, that's my blog. Even though I'm well aware that my blog isn't as successful as others, I still continue to do it because I LOVE IT. I don't care if someone thinks I'm "ridiculous" or "unrealistic". If you're passionate about it––DO IT. It'll truly make you so much happier with your life, trust me.

3. You'll eventually get to where you want to be.
Not sure if many of you know, but I actually moved to San Francisco in 2013 to go to a university. A year later, I moved back home and decided to go to my local community college. I felt like I took a huge step back and I honestly felt really bad about myself for awhile. My former roommates were doing really well–– graduating and moving on to bigger and better things with their careers. While I was working a minimum wage job and being absolutely lost at what I wanted to even major in. But then I realized–– I'm freaking TWENTY. I have my whole life ahead of me. It doesn't matter where everyone else is in life. We're all going through life at our own pace. As long as I'm continuing to do me and working towards my own goals, it's all good. So don't stress too much over where you're going to end up. You'll get there, don't worry. Things take time. 

4. Leave the past behind.
Throughout my life, and especially in 2015, I found myself bringing my past back into the present. Dwelling over things that happened years back. It eventually made me miserable because I let it control my future. I've learned (and still learning) to just leave those unwanted memories behind. The past is irrelevant and you can't change a thing about it, so don't get yourself so upset over those unfortunate past events. Accept the fact that they have shaped you into who you are today and let that bring some peace into your present.

5. Stop comparing yourself. 

It's SO easy to see what someone else has that you don't. But you forget to realize, what YOU have that they don't. We are truly our worst critics. But only you can be the best you. So embrace that. After I stopped comparing myself to others, I realized I had gained so much more confidence. Though each and every day is different, some days I feel like I'm SLAAAYIN and some days I feel like a burnt potato. But regardless, it's something we should constantly work on because loving yourself for who you are will certainly make you so much happier.

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