Minimal Grey

Monday, December 28, 2015

This outfit was not at all planned to become an actual post for my blog. I was last minute Christmas shopping, it was freezing cold outside, and this was the first thing that I decided to thrown on! But while I was shopping, I realized how much I actually liked this outfit so I decided–– why not just take a few shots?! So even though I wasn't prepared with my proper DSLR camera, I said what the heck and took a few shots with my iPhone instead.

Forever 21 had this amazing deal this past week–– 50% off jackets and outerwear. I'm not sure if it's still going on, but it definitely won't hurt to check because they have some great stuff. I snagged a couple coats, and this one has easily become my go-to. It also has pockets + a hood, which is a definite plus.

And I can't ever forget about my beloved Just Black Denim jeans!! I practically LIVE in their jeans. The fact that they have SO many styles every season is just so dangerous because I always want to own them all. Plus they're so comfy + they fit well. I mean, that's all a girl could ever dream of, right?


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